On the low rises where the southern foothills of the Kodar Mountains meet the Storval Plateau, a single stone cairn marks the location of the Battle of the Shadefilds, one the fircest clashes ever fought between the orcs of Belkzen and the Shoanti of neighboring Varisia.

In 4518 ar, the Broken Spine orcs decided to push their territory westward into Varisia, encouraged by the Black Sun tribe’s success in overrunning the Hordeline of Lastwall. They conquered and assimilated the Goatkillers, a tribe from the northern Mindspin Mountains, and set their sights on the mixed-race city of Urglin. The Shoanti clans dwelling in that area (the Sklar-Quah and Lyrune-Quah) were still regrouping aftr Korvosa’s Chelish forces evicted them from the Varisian lowlands in 4507 ar, and they proved an easy target of opportunity for the orc army as it advanced, losing hundreds to the fihting. The orcs then turned toward Urglin, which could offr little organized resistance and held out for only a few days. The Broken Spines gained considerable wealth from sacking the slave markets of Urglin’s Scabtown district, but had little interest in ruling the city and soon retreated back into Belkzen.

When the Broken Spines returned in 4519 ar, the SklarQuah and Lyrune-Quah warriors ambushed the invaders as they passed through the Urglin Gap, trapping them between a seasonal riverbed and a cliff Even with this advantage, the hugely outnumbered Shoanti fihters realized they would not be able to win by force of arms. Desperate to keep the orcs out of Shoanti lands, the shamans of the Lyrune-Quah sacrified their lives, along with those of a score of their bravest warriors, in a ceremony that would forever bind their spirits to the land.

The orcs surged westward, only to be confronted by an enormous emberstorm filed with angry Shoanti voices that singed the flsh from their bones and forced them to fle back to the east. Since then, no army has been able to pass within 20 miles of the battlefild without awakening the Shoanti spirits.


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