Emla Wolf-maw

An angry red-head with a massive hammer.


Human Barbarian (Titan Mauler): 4

HP: 42


Giant Blooded
Orphaned by Giants

Power Attack
Recovered Rage

Rage Powers
Reckless Stance
Inspire Ferocity.

Earth Breaker (2d6+4)
5 Javelins (1d6+3)

Armor Class: 17 (Scale mail)


The small fishing village of Kalstren sat upon the Kestrel River and existed under a veil of ignorance. This ignorance left the townspeople of Kalstren to believe that their proximity to Everstand Castle would protect them should the giants or orcs attack. This ignorance was paid for dearly.

The attack came suddenly; the residents of Kalstren were hardly able to mobilize before half the town ravaged. As the survivors gathered in wagons and horses prepairing to head east, towards the castle, a lone figure on horseback came riding into town. An arrow stuck in his back with barely enough life left in his lungs to tell the people of the orcs approaching from the east. Their escape was cut off, and soon they would be caught between orcish steel and giant strength. A rash decision was made to head west; their only choice would be to try and make it to the town of Trunau, across the vast open plain between their village and the fortified city. What arrived at the gates of Trunau was but a shadow of what had left Kalstren, barely a dozen people remained from the two score that left. The orcs had been relentless.

Emla has lived in Trunau for six years now. For a while the memories of the attack haunted her nightmares. The crushing, fluid like sound her father made being smashed under the club of a giant, or the look in her mother’s eyes as the orcish arrow plunged through her chest, would wake her at night screaming in a cold sweat. The nightmares may have passed but the anger remains. She signed up for the militia at the age of fourteen, and was almost cut from training due to her anger issues and her choice in weaponry. When the other trainees were picking out swords and bows she walked over to where they kept the enemy weapons used in training and picked up a large Earth Breaker. She was mocked at first, she could hardly swing the thing, and people began to think there might be something wrong with her. But the day she let out a feral cry and swung the hammer with the force enough to smash off the top half of a wooden training dummy, and send it’s splintered remains flying across the yard, her critics fell silent.

Emla Wolf-maw

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