Character Creation


  • Max HP level 1
  • 20 Point Buy
  • x2 Traits

All character classes are suitable for the Adventure Path, but some classes have more thematically appropriate options a player could choose. Also, since most of the campaign deals with fighting giants on their home turf, character classes that gain mounts might have an easier time navigating the many giant-sized corridors of this campaign than they would dungeons made by smaller humanoids. Some potentially useful archetypes are listed below:

  • Beast rider (cavalier) from Ultimate Combat
  • Goliath druid (druid) from Giant Hunter’s Handbook
  • Infiltrator (ranger) from Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Mountain druid (druid) from Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Mountain Witch (witch) from Advanced Class Guide
  • Mouser (swashbuckler) from Advanced Class Guide
  • Titan fighter (fighter) from Giant Hunter’s Handbook
  • Titan mauler (barbarian) from Ultimate Combat
  • Underfoot adept (halfling monk) from Advanced Race Guide
  • Vexing dodger (rogue) from Giant Hunter’s Handbook

While most bloodlines are good choices, the following suggestions fit the themes of the Giantslayer Adventure Path: deep earth (Advanced Player’s Guide), draconic, elemental, orc (Pathfinder Player Companion: Orcs of Golarion), or stormborn (Advanced Player’s Guide). The oracle mysteries with the strongest ties to the themes of the Adventure Path are battle and stone, and shamans can select the spirits of the same name for fitting character options.

The majority of the Giantslayer Adventure Path takes place in the Mindspin Mountains, though a few adventures take the PCs into underground, hilly, and marshy environments. The best first choice for favored terrain is mountains (which includes hills), and a strong second choice of terrain is underground. Solid favored enemy choices include humanoid (giant), dragon, humanoid (orc), and magical beast.

Character Creation

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