Deurjon Lone-Tusk

Bare-chested, sword-wielding, tattooed half-orc wizard.


The half-orc babe who would become Deurjon One-Tusk was adopted by the Shundar-Quah in the aftermath of one of their many clashes with the orcs of Belkzen. Taken in by the clan, Deurjon absorbed their love of storytelling and over time, exhibited a talent for the arcane.

Deurjon learned at an early age that he was different. While the other youths he grew up with teased him and made up increasingly insulting names to call him, Blood-Moon, the clan shaman, displayed no such bigotry. Blood-Moon sensed in Deurjon an affinity for the mysteries of the arcane and sought to nurture those gifts, taking him as an apprentice.

Over the years, Deurjon’s strength grew, both with magic as well as with the blade. When he came of age, Blood-Moon presented him with a finely crafted blade. The blade, he explained, was retrieved from the leader of the orc clan from which Deurjon had been orphaned. It was his legacy. Blood-Moon worked with Deurjon to invest the blade with a portion of his mystical strength, and to bind it to himself. From that point forward, this blade was central to all of his training, both mystical and martial.

At his coming of age ceremony, Deurjon received his first tattoos and his full clan name, Lone-Tusk. This name was both literal, owing to the fact that one of his two lower tusks had never come in, as well as metaphorical, representing his uniqueness within the clan that set him apart from the others.

Over the next several years, Lone-Tusk continued his apprenticeship under Blood-Moon. He distinguished himself amongst his clan-mates over and over again. Each such achievement was honored by a symbolic tattoo, until he was covered from head to toe. Clan-mates looked to him with respect and honor, and finally accepted him as one of their own.

Yet even as he felt his clan-mates becoming increasingly accepting of his presence, he found himself drifting away. He was feeling the pull of his orcish heritage. He needed to set out and find his true self apart his Shoanti clan-mates.

But he was hesitant. His body was covered with Shoanti tattos. Even if he uncovered his true orcish heritage, would he be accepted? The answer came from Blood-Moon. Although sad that Lone-Tusk wished to leave, he also understood, and told him of a town in Belkzen, a town of humans. He was sure that the folk of this town would see his markings and know that he was of the Shoanti, and not of the orcs. Lone-Tusk could then use this town as a stepping stone, a safe harbor from which to find clues of his heritage.

It would be a perilous journey. After many weeks of travel, east around the Mindspin mountains, south past the Skittermounds and the Rivers Esk and Kestrel, Deurjon finally arrived at his destination, the small human outpost of Trunau…

Deurjon Lone-Tusk

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